Utilizing Adwords with Online Advertising

Online Advertising and the Benefits of AdWords

Online advertising is a crucial component in reaching consumers. Using AdWords not only enables you to connect to people but to the right people using your ads. By utilizing AdWords in regards to online advertising, you can target your ads to specific groups and people interested in that specific product or service. You are truly getting your money worth here. Best part is, you only get charged and have to pay for your Ad only when someone clicks on it. The theory is that if someone Adwordsclicks on your ads they are that much closer to a purchase.

There are two networks in order to have your ads show up on. Your ads can either show up on Google Search Network or Google Display Network or both. Google Search Network is utilized when someone is trying to connect to individuals who are actively looking for a product such as plumbing services. Google Display Network is utilized when some is trying to connect to individuals and want to display photos and create brand awareness. Jewelry store utilizes this concept heavily. This form has the able to reach a broad range of individuals with broad interests.

Understand that you do not necessarily have to have the highest bid to have your ads place but simply out bid your opponent by .1. Also keep in mind that the higher your quality score the higher the potential for the bid amount, cost-per-click (CPC), to decrease and still maintain a high ad position. The quality score reported in your accounts is an estimate of the quality of your ads and landing pages triggered by the keyword in auctions. Ad rank or ad position refers to the order your ads shows up on a page.

The components of a quality score compose of click-through rate (CTR), ad-relevance and landing page experience. The key isAdwords to have a higher quality score so you may have a higher ad position or lower cost-per-click (CPC). Remember, you only pay for each time a person clicks on your ads which hopefully ends in a conversion to benefit your business.


Bidding Strategies

There are three bidding strategies that you can choose from:

  • Cost-Per-Click (CPC): You use this if you want to drive customers to your website.
  • Cost-Per-Impression (CPM): You use this if you want to make sure that customers see your messages. Major focus in brand awareness.
  • Cost-Per-Acquisition (CPA): You use this if you want to maximize conversions on your website.

I hope this has given you some more insight in Adwords and the usage of it with online advertising. Thank you again for you time. 


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