How to Utilize the Concept of Keywords

General Usage

Keyword usage is used every day. When consumer search for products, information and/or services they are utilizing keywords. Keywords help consumer and a search navigate to the appropriate location. If I am searching for “cheap gyms” on google, google in return will use my wording to provide me will options regarding “cheap gyms”. The usage of keywords is automatic and used every second throughout the word. Why is this important? Keywords are important because it provides Keywordsinsight on how far along customers on in the purchasing process. When consumers use long-tail keywords they are indirectly telling us how close they are in making a purchase. Long-tail keywords usually consist of three plus words that search for specific search terms.


When utilizing Keywords in Google Ad-Words there are a few ways to go about it. There are four different match types in Google Ad-Words: Broad Match, Broad Match Modifier, Phase Match and Exact Match. When using Broad match your Ads may show on searches that include misspellings, synonyms and other related searches and variations. Broad matching is not truly reliable because of all the possible irrelevant traffic you may receive. To minimize that problem broad match modifier comes into effect. This type of match is similar to the above but instead shows on searches that contain the modified term or close variations but not synonyms. In order to use this match type use must include a + before your keyword.

When utilizing phase match, you are focusing on the usage of a specific phase a consumer is searching. Phases match shows ad on searches that are a phase and/or close variation of that phase. When using this you are targeting specific people and their searches unlike broad match. In order to use this match type, you must place the keyword in quotes like this “Baseball KeywordsBats”. Lastly, we have exact match. Exact match is the most unused match type in Google Ad-words. Then using this type, you are telling Google that you are only targeting people who are searching these exact keyword phases. In order to use this type, you have to enter the keyword in brackets like this, [Baseball Bats]. Here you can see displays of how this is done.  

I hope this has given you some insight in the importance of keyword generally and in Google Ad-Words. Thank you again for your time.    

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