Understanding the Impact of Mobile Technologies

The Impact of Mobile Technology

As stated on my webpage, more people now than ever are living their lives through multiple screens. Whether those screens by smartphones, tablets, laptops, etc. it does not matter. All that matters is the need for businesses, companies, and individuals to adapt to the mobile technology impact. The ability for people to adapt to the new times and Mobile Technologiesconnect with individuals living from their screens is huge. Just as consumers are able to connect to anyone or thing 24/7 from anywhere so are business. Anything a consumer can do online so can the company. With the utilization of mobile technologies consumer are literally around every corner and it depends on the delivery to get them through the door. 88% of individuals use search engines to find products via smartphones and 84% use their computer or tablets. Roughly four out of five people. That’s a number that cannot be ignored.

Connecting Using Mobile Apps

Before creating apps first, you must create a landing page that is mobile friendly. The key is to keep consumers engaged and easily navigated on the page and not scrambling to find the product. Simple yet informative is key or “less is more” in a manner of speaking. Creating and promoting apps is next. Promoting apps allowing you to connect to consumer on different landing pages like social media or gaming sites. The key is to be able to reach your consumer wherever they are. Whether it be surfing the web, watching YouTube videos, whatever. Apps serve as bookmarks that can direct consumer, if needed, to the mobile friendly website you’ve created.

Now you have to focus on getting someone to download the app, or better yet keeping them engaged after downloading the app. Most apps are abandoned after usage so making an engaging and forever changing apps will possibly continuously keep your consumer interested and engaged. Keeping mobile technologiesconsumers engaged will create brand awareness and gain consumer loyalty which will only increase with WOM and e-WOM. You also want to be analyzing and monitoring your consumers progress through your mobile technologies. Doing this will help you track conversion rates and be able to indicate what you’re doing correct and what you need to improve.

I hope this brief post gives you insight on the impact of mobile technologies. Here you can absorb more information about the usage of mobile apps and their benefits. As always that you for your time.

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