Mobile technologies in digital marketing mixes exist everywhere around us. Our phones, laptops, tablets, etc. 

I guess the question is what is mobile technologies in digital marketing mixes? More people now than ever before are now living their lives on multiple screens. This is possible through things like smartphones, laptops, televisions, smart watches, etc. The method of how is now unlimited. These devices allow consumer the ability to interact with stores and others 24/7 from anywhere. These technologies have even bridged the gap between astronauts in outer space to their families on Earth. Don’t believe it? Check it out. Here are some ways businesses are using these technologies to reach their consumer here on Earth.  


Point of Sale technologies (POS) offers a variety of examples of how mobile technologies in digital marketing mixes are utilized.  One of these technologies are interactive touch

Mobile Technologies in Digital Marketing Mixes Example screens. These touch screens can serve as interactive tables for consumers. They are usually accompanied by displays to promote possible advertising in and outside of the store. Another type POS technology are QR codes. Consumers can scan a QR code to obtain information through smartphones or other smart devices. QR codes are extremely sophisticated that allows us to travel to any location with our mobile phone and simply scan a product to obtain more information about it. The world is literally at our finger tips. If your interested in creating our own QR code here you go

Beacon technologies and Near Field Communications also allow mobile technologies to expand into the digital marketing world. Beacon 

Mobile Technologies in Digital Marketing Mixestechnologies are wireless technologies that trigger messages via Bluetooth. For example, if you pass a near by Starbucks you may receive a message. This is due to the radius of the store. These messages may contain coupons and other promotional items. This allows companies and people to reach out to individuals without having to literally be persent. This also opens doors for vast messaging and the ability to reach more people daily. Near Field Communications (NFC) does not have the reach of Beacon technology, but instead enables mobile devices to connect, exchange information and make transactions with just a simply touch. An example of this, is placing your phone against a credit card reader to pay for your groceries. 


Social Media is your best friend when applying mobile technologies in digital marketing mixes. Social Media allows feedback from negative comments to positives comments. This allows you to track your progress and manage milestones along the way. Mobile technologies are key to successfully maintaining a presence in todays businesses.