How to Maximize Ad Strategies

Maximizing Ad Strategies

The key to bidding is understanding your consumers and your product. You want to be able to maximized all the benefits possible. Let’s say you own a small Authentic Mexican Restaurant. You understand that there is a high population of Mexican-American in the area. What would you do? I personally would create ads to target people searching for Mexican restaurants. To gather more traffic, I recommend using a search modifier as well. You want to first target those near your restaurant, so proximity targeting is key. Proximity targetAdsing allows you to bid based on closeness to your location. With this type of targeting you can maneuver your radius from a few blocks to a couple miles. According to Google in 2011, the “near me” search has increased 34x. It alone doubled from 2014 to 1015. Check this out.

Now that we got the distance down, how else could you target and attract more consumers to your restaurant? Well, if you’re an Authentic Mexican Restaurant I would recommend adjusting your targeted languages. Being Authentic implies a lot, so why not target those who have placed they’re google language to Spanish? This will really attract those who are custom to the food you cook. Attracting native people of the food source will only increase WOM, unless your food es no bueno. Understanding what you can control is key and understanding what kind of consumer you are targeting is a necessity to thrive.

Weather Decline?

Maybe it is being to becoming a rainy day and you notice your businesses does not do well in difficult weather. AdWords has a solution for you! You can actually bid by the weather. This site gives more details how this advanced function operates.  You must understand that all locations by be different. If you have a chain of restaurants you must understand how consumer think Adsand interact in different cities. Example with bidding by weather. In Michigan, snow is a natural occurrence and people will not let snow determine their daily routine, so should you change your bidding? Meanwhile if Memphis, Tennessee was hit with weather under 35 degrees the whole city would be shut down so an extremely lower bid would be an accurate assessment. Know you target group, know your geographic, and know the weather and you’ll be another step closer to maximizing the effects of your ads on consumers.  

As always thank you for your time and I hope I was able to leave you with something useful from this post. If you have any questions check this out.

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