Welcome to my Marketing website. My name is Tomas Mauricio and I am creating a website to rank in a my course here at the University of Michigan-Dearborn. Within this class we have focused on how mobile technologies in digital marketing mixes help increase marketing presence by creating programmatic ads for programmatic campaigns. We have also discussed the importance of onsite SEO and offsite SEO. By the end of this course I hope to be Google Certified in Google Adwords. Thank you for viewing my page, I hope you are able to obtain knowledge from the details I provide. So let’s begin!


What is Digital Marketing? Is it a hot field to be in? Digital marketing is a field that falls under the umbrella of marketing. This type of marketing, unlike traditional marketing, focuses on marketing products of services using technologies like the internet. These technologies can be cell phones, display adverting, and many other forms that interact with the internet allowing a digital representation. Does marketing have you intrigued?

A degree in digital marketing can go a long way and become a very successful career if used properly. Marketing has come a long way in today society. WOM is a highly usefulDigital Marketing marketing concept in which people hear about products from one another. Digital marketing offers a free method of marketing a product. A few more examples are the use of POSs. Google AdWords and ad featured on various pages throughout the web/internet using programmatic ads for programmatic campaigns are also digital marketing techniques.  

My personal experience in marketing has allowed me to place a strong presence on my products. While using digital marketing, it has allowed me to reach a larger amount of people around the world. Overall, this type of marketing has increased my presence on the web, by both computer and phone. Literally causing the world to become a smaller place. Digital marketing is the New “hip” in 

the Digital Marketing Explainedworld of marketing. People who master this art will be a valuable asset to any company looking to prosper within their industry. For a better description: if a industry does not have a digital marketer or marketing division, they risk falling behind in regards to their competitors.